VIDEO WEBINAR #1 “software updates how to download and install”

VIDEO WEBINAR #1 “software updates how to download and install”

Ralf Schink shows how to download and install the latest Software OS introducing the new features coming with Acquaviva 4.11 .

Ralf talks about the power of the Dexibell Sound Engine and the Seamless Patch Change possibility (Changing Sounds without cutting Notes and Effects).


Questions & Answers
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Can you change the order between categories also?



Can you do this pedal setting in the home models?

The 3 pedals of Home models are already preset as Sustain, Sostenuto and Soft pedals.


​Is it possible to provide an update to allow the Pedal layer to be used as a fourth layer which can be played with all the other three layers with full polyphony?

Having 4 polyphonic parts can cause problems with total polyphony, resulting in deletion of playing notes. That’s why the pedal part is kept monophonic when used in combination with the other parts.
This constraint will be removed in new models having the new hardware platform.
We are evaluating the possibility of introducing a parameter that can allow the polyphonic usage of Pedal part also in current models, being the user aware what risks he is taking in this case.


Is it possible to assign a button on the keyboard as a panic button to quickly get rid of a midi loop rather than having to go into the menu, scroll down and select?

We will evaluate this possibility.


Could you add monophonic bass layer feature to P3/P7?

P3/P7 or S3/S7 and similar don’t have the physical switch for the 4th Pedal part. Introducing it via software and/or with switch combinations could be a little troublesome.


Will DEXIBELL release an HAMBURG german platinum piano at some point? The german grand you have is a “BERLIN” I understand.

The German Grand is a Bechstein Piano. 
The “EXP USA PLT” sound library (as well as the Vivo Grand sounds of the factory sound set) is actually derived from a Steinway D-274 made in Hamburg and prepared by one of the most worldwide famous Steinway distributors.


OS 4.10 does not allow piano + organ on L3 which has authentic organ keys needed for classical manual technique. plus needed thumb pistons.

Piano + Organ option is disabled to avoid polyphony problems of the sound generator that could cause some notes to be suddenly cut, and we don’t want this to happen, since both Organ and Piano sounds (especially using sustain pedal) are very demanding from sound generator number of voices point of view.


​It would be very useful if I could memorize my own velocity curve for each sound because my piano velocity curve can be ok for German Sound but not good for Rhodes piano.

The Velocity Compand function inside T2L parameters allow a correction of velocity response that can be memorized for each single sound. Isn’t it enough for you?


Will you create any official forum? As you see we love to help each other.

Official forum is difficult to manage from the moderation point of view. There are some Dexibell user groups already active on Facebook or you can use the official Dexibell Facebook page.