The update process is very demanding from transfer speed point of view.
We know that it doesn’t work well with some memory stick models, even if the same memory stick works correctly for other operations.

USB memory sticks world is very complicated and “variegated”.
There’s a lot of different models and sometimes very strange things happen, like, for instance, that newer models work worse than older models.

We had problems, for instance, with Kingston DT G3 series, while the previous Kingston DT R3.0 G2 works perfectly.
Another model that works well is SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0.

The format requested for USB memory stick is FAT32.

What we can suggest is to try with other memory sticks that you have available or one of above suggested mod.

The Serial Number is in the adhesive label situated under the keyboard. It is a number like 000xxxxx.

Dexibell provides free additional sounds in the “My Dexibell” (Download) section of Dexibell website. These sounds are in proprietary Dexibell format (.dxs).

Dexibell instruments can load also sounds in SoundFont format (.sf2). There are many websites providing .sf2 sounds, free of charge or for a fee.

Please remind that if you are using a software version earlier than 4.01, you have to put the additional sounds in a subdirectory of your USB memory named “\Sound”.

We removed this constrain from Ver. 4.01 on, so, if this is the problem, we suggest you to update your instrument to the latest software version and try again.

Some of the sounds available on our website require an updated software version.

Please update the instrument to the latest software version and try again.

Go to Menu->MIDI->Reception->Memory and activate MIDI reception of the Memory change, selecting also the MIDI channel dedicated to these messages.
This done, you can recall the memories using PC and CC00 to select the Memory bank and number.

The message to be sent for the Memory change is as follows:

BE 00 xx
BE 20 00
CE yy

where in the first message (Bank MSB) “xx” is the number of the selected Memory Bank decreased by 1* and in the third message (Program Change) “yy” is the Number of the Memory.
In the second message (Bank LSB) the value is always equal to “0”.

NOTE: MIDI messages use hexadecimal numbering, so the “E” of “BE” and “CE” corresponds to MIDI channel 15, which is the one set by default for receiving the Memory change; if the reception channel is changed, use a value corresponding to the hexadecimal value of the selected channel.

*For H-series and SX7 the bank number is always “0”