The Dexibell Mini Grand Piano



Thanks to the exclusive Hybrid Wood Keyboard with gradual weighing, ivory-ebony feel finish, 3 contacts, escapements and… it is calibrated key by key!


Staccato resonances, sympathetic resonances, hammer noise, 88 resonances of the strings when the Damper pedal is pressed… All aspects of the acoustic piano are reproduced thanks to the innovative „True To Life Technology” (T2L)


One is fascinated by the powerful dynamic excursion never heard before in a digital instrument. From the real „pianissimo” to the „fortissimo” thanks to the 24 bits linear and 48KHz;

a definition 256 times greater compared to all other products working at 16 bits and 44.1 KHz.


With Dexibell’s unlimited polyphony you can play at 4 hands, with the Damper pedal pressed, using all the notes you need.


Enjoy the Italian Grand Piano, the US Grand Piano and the Electri Piano 70’s in the beauty of their Platinum version together with other 119 high quality sounds .With the simple use of a USB pen drive, you can load new sounds or change them all never losing the factory ones. The free downloadable library sound, available on, can be loaded into the internal memory of 3.2 GB. Your VIVO is always up to date.


Thanks to a bi-amplification system with 8 loudspeakers, 6 of which assigned to the „near field” function, you have a very defined and very high quality listening; the best you can find to simulate the tone of a real acoustic piano.

SURROUNDED BY THE SOUND with the H10 MG Mini Grand Piano

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting and play or if you’re in the audience.

15 loudspeakers, a soundboard built in Italy in „Val Di Fiemme”, 4 DSPs and 4 amplifiers guarantee you a perfect sound diffusion at 360 degrees like with a real grand piano,

The Keyboard That Was Missed

Until now, playing a digital piano was perceived as a disappointing experience due to the great difference that was found between the behavior of a real acoustic piano keyboard compared to that of a digital instrument.

The close collaboration between Dexbell and Fatar (Italy’s top producer of digital piano keybeds) has allowed Dexibell to develop a new, exclusive keyboard made specifically to minimize these differences.

The  the result of this careful research is the all-new TP-400W keyboard, which uses a hybrid synergy of materials consisting not of simple plastic, as utilized by other manufacturers, but of a compound of synthetic Techno-Polymers and real wood.

These materials make it more comfortable with both an aesthetic and tactile effect, as close as possible, to the ebony and ivory of a real acoustic piano.

With this hybrid system, the wood makes our keyboard match the density and feel of a real acoustic keyboard, while the synthetic Techno-Polymers guarantee a consistency and durability over time without the inconsistent shape defects and warping typical of acoustic piano keys brought on by the ravages of time, usage, and changes in temperature and humidity.

This all-new keyboard also uses a state-of-the-art 3-contact system that guarantees the most accurate reading of dynamics and responsive readiness to repeated notes.

A specific circuit (key-scan) technology detects a total of 2048 dynamic values which are then converted into 127 levels available to the player’s touch.

Key-by-key calibration:

To obtain the finest balance of the keyboard, which is essential for the most demanding players, a dynamics-adjustment system is used for each and every piano key certified by a QR code which guarantees individual calibration.


Dexibell’s all-new TP-400W keyboard also simulates the “double escapement” feel that is normally only found in acoustic grand pianos (not upright pianos).

The “double escapement” system, in the acoustic instrument, allows a performer to obtain the repetition of the same note at close range by pressing the same key twice without the key hammer rising completely.

The sensation of the escapement mechanism is that of a slight resistance to the key; like a “connection” which is felt at 3/4 of a key stroke and is perceptible to the touch if you press the piano key with “pianissimo” dynamics.

Unparalleled Amplification System

In an Acoustic Piano, the tightly wound strings are made of steel. By contrast, the soundboard that translates their energy into a rich and resonant sound is made of wood.

If it were just a matter of projecting and amplifying the sound produced when the hammers hit the strings, other materials might well be more efficient but the resulting sound would be too metallic.

The material by which the soundboard is made, therefore, cuts the higher harmonic components, leaving only the components of the sound that are musical, that sound good to our ears; transforming them into a more rich and resonant tone.

What makes the spruce woods and, in particular, the Italian spruce from Italy’s Val di Fiemme region so popular as soundboard materials is that this species of wood has the property of absorbing higher tones more effectively; only transmitting the sounds we perceive as round and mellow.

This wood is particularly elastic, transmits sound better; and its naturally formed lymphatic channels are like tiny organ pipes that create a beautiful resonance.

For this reason, Italian spruce trees are cut down on a waning moon, between October and November, when there is less sap in the trunk.

In fact, the legendary violin luthier Stradivari and the Cremonese luthiers, whose instruments represent the pinnacle of musicality, use Italian spruce.

It is said that Stradivari himself wandered through the forests in search of the most suitable trees for the construction of his violins: centuries-old spruces whose wood, thanks to its particular capacity for „resonance”, provided the ideal raw material for the construction of his soundboards.

The innovation of Dexibell with the VIVO H10 MG digital mini grand piano is precisely that of using a soundboard in Italian Spruce from the Val di Fiemme combined with a ground-breaking multi-amplification system.

This premium soundboard, in combination with 4 specially crafted and placed speakers, transmits the roundest and most mellow vibrations towards the tail of the instrument, just like an acoustic piano.

The total amplification system of the VIVO H10 MG includes 15 custom-designed speakers and 4 amplifiers with a complex DSP system to control the projection of the precise frequencies for the most exact simulation of an acoustic piano.

The total power is 112 W max @ THD + N <0.1%.

Front amplification system and speakers:

1 amplifier with 6 Near Field Speakers for the presence of sound and all its details: hammers, resonances, etc.

1 amplifier with 2 Bass Speakers for reproducing the lowest frequencies

Rear amplification system and speakers:

1 amplifier with 4 speakers mounted on the Italian spruce soundboard of the Val di Fiemme region for the amplification of the sweetest and most persuasive tones.
1 amplifier with 3 Speakers in Mid-Side configuration for the manipulation of sound depth; thus one has the perception of playing a 9-foot concert grand piano.

Sound board by Red Spruce from Italy’s Val di Fiemme

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