Keys to the future

Keys to the future

Dexibell wishes to deeply thank all the American stars and their supporting musicians who created an unbelievable evening performance at the “Proel Theatre” inside Proel’s global HQ in Sant’Omero in Italy.

We were treated to incredible and passionate performances from the amazing International performer Phylissia Ross, the incredibly versatile and talented keyboard player Victoria Theodore (working with stars such as Beyonce and Stevie Wonder), the truly gifted vocalist CJ Emmons (vocalist on huge TV hits such as Dancing with the Stars), and the incomparible Sheléa (working with Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and now an International recording artist in her own right).

The evening was brought to a close with a standing ovation following an impromptu finale performance featuring all the artists and musicians appearing on stage together.
A special thank to Adell Shavers for introducing these amazing team to Dexibell.

The evening was streamed live on Dexibell social media channels, and is now available to watch back on YouTube.

Watch now!