New VIVO S10 video

New VIVO S10 video

The all new VIVO S10 and VIVO S10L with 3.2 GB memory holding 180 high-definition sounds represent the most advanced technology and features ever offered in professional-level stage pianos and keyboards.

All Sounds played in this production, except for the Drums, are Dexibell S10/S10L factory sounds, pre-installed in the instrument. digitally recorded track by track, using the instruments USB Digital Out on 48kHz, 24bit, connected directly to the Computer.

The video recording has been made in the Proel “On and On Theatre” in St’Omero, (TE) Italy.

Long video version here: YouTube

Lighting equipment by Sagitter, sound equipment by Axiomproaudio, brands of the Proel group.

Audio production by Ralf Schink

Dexibell is a brand of the Proel Group

Video production by jackandrov