More than 20 videos splitted bewteen ‘no speaking’ and ‘speaking’ answering at the most popular questions coming from the users.

No speaking videos

How to Import External Sound from Dexibell library

How to Delete a Sound

How to Restore all Internal Factory Sound

How to Restore previously deleted Internal Sound

How to Export Sound Setup into USB Memory

How to Import SoundSetup from USB Memory

The Virtual Damper on VIVO S1

Speaking videos


How to Create Sounds in LAYER

How to Create Sounds in SPLIT

How to Create SPLIT with Lower & Bass

How to Create 4 Parts in LAYER

Keyboard Mode & Unlimited Polyphony

Realtime Controllers

Multi Effects: Tremolo & Chorus

T2L edit on Electric Piano

T2L on Acoustic Piano

T2L on Upright Piano

Platinum Italian Grand

Platinum Japan Grand

Platinum German Grand

Platinum USA Grand

Changing Tuning & Velocity

Creating a Patch for Film scoring with Orchestral Solo

Importance of having a Back-up feature

Master EQ

Audio Player/Recorder