VIDEO WEBINAR #2 “nuovi suoni come scaricarli e installarli”

VIDEO WEBINAR #2 “nuovi suoni come scaricarli e installarli”

Ralf Schink spiega:

  • come scaricare ed installare i nuovi suoni usando come esempio i nuovi Suoni Synth.
  • Come creare una Memory Patch (Layer, Split, Different Effects)


Questions & Answers
from live chat


Where can I find the Orchestral sounds, I also miss harpsichord.

You can find them on Dexibell website. ​Please check the Download -> Sound Library section.


A number of the Web sounds, like the Analogue Synth, contain a list of sounds. If I only wanted to load two of the sounds, could I do this and would it leave me more memory to save other sounds?

Waves in the library are shared by the contained tones, so no saving in space if you skip some of them.


And regrading split points, what about crossfading (overlapping areas)?

You can change the limits of each part and overlap them at will, but there’s no crossfade function.


Thanks, I know there is no crossfade, I was just asking for it in a future OS update.

We add it to our “wishlist”


Now Ralf has downloaded a sound from S7 PRO library. Is that library also compatible with S7 ?

Yes. The sounds are common to all models.


I also realized that when I saved te library on the VIVO, VIVO doesn’t see it in the USB anymore. Right?

Yes. Sound Libraries already loaded into the instrument are not shown when browsing USB memory contents.


Can you please let me know if the keys on the new S7 pro M are similar to the keys of the blue S3? Or are they heavier to press down?

The keyboard of S7 Pro M is the same as S3 or P7. The keyboard touch is a personal feeling that you should check personally.


Is there a Mic-Input on S7 Pro M?

No. There’s an Audio input that could be not enough sensible for a microphone, but it could be ok if you have a pre-amplification system.


What is the main difference between the key action in the S7 pro compared to the Vivo S9?

S9 has an hybrid (wood + plastic) keyboard that is not currently available in other models. The keyboard touch is a personal feeling that you should check personally.


How much RAM does the S7 have?

1.5 GB


You mention an editor for iPad, how do we get that?

Please check the Dexibell website for it.