VIDEO WEBINAR #3: Acoustic Pianos library

VIDEO WEBINAR #3: Acoustic Pianos library

Ralf Schink will take you on a journey in front and behind the scenes exploring how DEXIBELL was able to create the best Piano sounds that gave birth to the new renaissance of digital musical instruments.

Special Guest Masumi Yamamoto

Questions & Answers
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Are the „Live” versions of Piano libraries simply EQ’d brighter?

There is also a different balance between the layered samples, and the pedal sounds are a bit quieter for a better balance when playing on stage with big bass cabinets.


Is it possible to assign the knobs and buttons to an external MIDI keyboard? If yes, can you tell us please how to do it?

Some parameters are controllable via MIDI, some other not. Please check the MIDI Implementation Manual available for free download on Dexibell website.


When I try to install the German Grand piano on a H7, it says I do not have enough memory. I never installed a new sound before and have 146 MB available.

You should remove some of the internal sounds to make room for additional ones. There are specific tutorial videos about this on Dexibell website (


How many sounds or library I must delete in order to give space to the German piano?

If you delete the Vivo Grand you can load the German Grand.
If you want to load the Platinum version, you should remove more sounds, preferably Piano sounds like Upright, Honky Tonk, Ragtime, etc.


Is there a way to expand the piano memory?

No. The current available size is the maximum possible for the hardware platform we are currently using.
Anyway, you can use the Sound Setup to save on USB memory different configurations of wave memory and recall them at will.


I have some of my own setups in the memory. If I delete a sound used in the setup, will the setup disappear or it just won’t load until I have the sound back?

The Sound Setup will remain as it is. If you load a Memory having a deleted sound, you will get „No Sound” on the display. Once you have reloaded the sound, you will have it back.