VIDEO WEBINAR #8 “audio interfaces & digital audio workstations”

VIDEO WEBINAR #8 “audio interfaces & digital audio workstations”

Presentation on VIVO S9 STAGE PIANO

a. Recap to introduce VIVO S9

b. Audio/Midi connection via USB to Mac Computer (i think it does not work on PC, right?) – what do I need to do in order to combine Dexibell Instruments together with already existing Audio Interfaces

c. Master Keybord Zones part 2 – linking and midi learning the knobs and faders to DAWs (Ableton, MainStage)

Interview with Dexibell engineer Andrea Celani

Special Guest Jay Asher

Questions & Answers
from live chat

Is the keyboard FATAR or is it an own development?

All Dexibell models are using Fatar keyboards, customized according to our specific requests


Is it possible to connect it with a Windows computer?

USB MIDI connection works with Windows PCs, but Windows is not compatible with USB Audio standard. To have an audio connection between Dexibell instruments and Windows PCs, an audio interface is needed


Has S9 heavier / most “realistic” piano keybed?

Not so much heavier, but more realistic for sure


Can expression pedals layer in external sounds from other sound libraries?

You can freely decide what to control with expression pedal


Which cabling is needed between Vivo and the laptop?

Just a simple USB cable


Are the four keyboard zones A B C D to link separately to four separate pieces of MIDI equipment?

Each Zone can be assigned to a specific MIDI channel, so it can control the external device(s) having the same channel as MIDI reception channel