VIVO S10 & S10L

VIVO S10 & S10L

New VIVO S10 & S10L at NAMM show June 2022

Dexibell has introduced at the last NAMM show the all-new VIVO S10 and VIVO S10L and has hosted the legendary Stevie Wonder who has tested both the instruments.

These two professional-level stage pianos and keyboards represent the most advanced technology and features ever offered in our industry.

With the powerful quad-core processor, the new VIVO S10 and S10L offer 3.2 GB memory which hold a total of 178 high-definition sounds with select Dexibell PLATINUM-library piano sounds onboard together with over 100 Organ presets.

The VIVO S10 offers the highly rated and exclusive 88 notes Hybrid Wood Keyboard action with gradual weighting, “ivory-ebony feel finish”, triple-contact with key-by-key calibration.

The VIVO S10L is a totally new concept of stage keyboard offering the full features of the VIVO S10 including Dexibell’s revolutionary 9 motorized drawbar-faders with a very lightweight (L) and comfortable 76 notes key-action for any style of keyboard player.

Availability and price to be confirmed by end of September