X MURE is a completely new concept in the world of automatic accompaniments as it is audio driven by live-played chords. Using X MURE is like being both a conductor and the orchestra itself, having audio accompaniments controlled by live chord progressions.

XMURE doesn't use generators, virtual instruments, or 'standard MIDI files,' but relies solely on audio tracks recorded from real musical instruments. For this reason, it doesn't simulate reality but embodies reality itself.

XMURE's core is a technology developed in-house by DEXIBELL, Harmony Poly Fragmentor©, the world's first algorithm capable of modifying audio tracks in real time.

XMURE allows you to play music directly from the screen of your iPad/iPhone or with any other instrument connected via USB or audio jack.

Each individual accompaniment is produced in a Recording Studio in 4 key tonalities, all of which are then processed through DEXIBELL's HPF technology.

Quality alongside maximum functionality, as XMURE doesn't require any additional hardware accessories; the app and your own iPad/iPhone are sufficient.


VIVO Editor is the simple and fast app that allows to interact with all the parameters of DEXIBELL VIVO digital pianos.

Through the screen of an iPad/iPhone, it’s easy to select sounds, to configure the mixer and control parameters, to create Master Keyboard Zones, and much more.

Dedicated graphical controllers also allow in-depth modification of parameters within the T2L technology (True to Life), the core of DEXIBELL, enabling 24-bit, 48 kHz sound sampling and modeling.

Thanks to T2L, it’s easy to create the own reverbs or choose from 14 other types of effects by manipulating the 32-bit digital signal. Additionally, to interact with every single sound component such as hammer and damper noises, string resonance, etc.

When all components of the sound have been modified successfully, including split sound and volume, and layered sound and volume, it can be saved and named directly to the internal memory of VIVO from the app. This is essential for stage use where you require quick access to performance sounds.

Once own configuration is set-up, it can be directly saved into the dedicated memory of the VIVO instrument.

VIVO Editor further enriches the suite of apps developed by DEXIBELL for musicians;

through direct access to XMURE, the app can be downloaded or to interact directly from the Editor. VIVO Editor is compatible with all models from the VIVO H (Home) series, S (Stage and Module) series, and P (Portable) series.

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