T2L Modeling

The innovative and exclusive Dexibell breakthrough technology, specifically designed for pianos, amalgamates innovative advancements engineered to heighten responsiveness and precision in sound timbre, perfectly mirroring the dynamic nuances articulated by the performer.

T2L governs a diverse array of algorithms created to reproduce every subtle ‘nuance,’ ensuring a comprehensive approach to sound modification for users, allowing them to create entirely new one.

Audio fidelity to 24-bit and 48KHz

The audio quality provided by Dexibell's technology exceeds conventional standards. Dexibell elevates audio fidelity to 24-bit and 48KHz, transcending the limitations of standard audio CD reproduction (16-bit and 44.1 KHz).

This advancement not only enhances waveform formats but also refines the digital-to-analog conversion process (DAC), guaranteeing superior frequency and dynamic responses 256 times more than conventional 16-bit instruments.


At the heart of Dexibell’s piano lies a potent ‘Quad Core’ processor managing 320 digital oscillators. This abundance of oscillators allows to simulate every sound element and natural noise, forming the essence of the T2L sound quality.

The extensive polyphony used in Dexibell Pianos emulates the nuanced responsiveness of real acoustic pianos as well as classic pipe organs, providing virtually unlimited polyphony.


The XXL-SAMPLE feature within Dexibell’s instruments showcases an unprecedented waveform length for each note from 3 to 15 times longer than competing products.
For instance, a low note on a Dexibell piano retains its original waveform for a remarkable 15 seconds compared to the average 1 to 5 seconds in other instruments. This extensive sample length ensures an astonishingly realistic and vibrant evolution of harmonics within sustained notes, bringing unparalleled realism to your fingertips.

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