Professional hard case to ensure maximum protection even in challenging transport condition.
Flight cases

The DEXIBELL’s hard cases are constructed using 7mm thick marine-grade plywood coated with shock-resistant and waterproof material, preventing structure deformations caused by moisture.
High-strength steel corners safeguard the most vulnerable points from impacts and prevent direct contact between the case body and other surfaces. The high-density expanded polyethylene used inside not only provides protection but also excellent thermal insulation.
The precisely aligned aluminum profiles ensure an airtight seal for secure shipping in any condition.

DX CASE76 PROFESSIONAL WOODEN CASE FOR S10 L W  x D x H: mm 1.250*440*200 – inches 492*173*79
DX CASE88 PROFESS. WOODEN CASE FOR S10-S8-S9-S7PRO W  x D x H: mm 1.450*440*200 – inches 571*173*79
DX CASE88SPK PROFESS. WOODEN CASE FOR S8 M-S7 PROM  W x D x H: mm 1.450*440*200 – inches 571*173*79