Handmade in Italy

The unwavering commitment of Dexibell

Made In Italy is a mark of world-class quality and style but to meet Dexibell standards, it is not enough.

The Dexibell musical instruments are Handmade In Italy, offering our musicians and customers the very best old-world artisanal craftsmanship combined with our state-of-the-art technology.


For istance each individual wooden side panel of the Stage series S pianos is hand-selected, cut, and varnished; even the unseen details in the wooden furniture of the home series H pianos receive the utmost care.

Every instrumental key bed calibration is measured for its authenticity of touch and response, and every tonal sound is individually checked on each and every one of our instruments before they are carefully hand-packed in each box prior to delivery to our customers. These are only a few examples of the passion that drives each Dexibell artisan working in our factory in Italy.

This dedication to physical detail is essential to match equally passionate sound engineering team, which invests years to select the finest classic instruments and expertly reproduce, sample, record, and edit each and every tone, overtone, sound, and resonance that goes into a Dexibell digital piano, organ, keyboard, and sound module.

Dexibell instruments embody the same passion as those who play them , passed from hand to hand.

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