In an Acoustic Piano, the tightly wound strings are generate from steel. However, it’s the wooden soundboard that translates their energy into a rich and resonant sound.
If it were just a matter of projecting and amplifying the sound produced by hammers hitting the strings, though other materials could potentially be more efficient, the resulting sound would be too metallic.
The soundboard material selectively filters out the higher harmonic components, retaining only the musical components that are musical and pleasing to our ears. This transformation results in a richer and more resonant tone.
What makes the spruce woods, especially the Italian spruce from Italy’s Val di Fiemme region so popular as soundboard materials is their unique ability to absorb higher tones more effectively only transmitting the sounds perceived as rich and mellow.
This wood is exceptionally elastic, enhancing sound transmission, while its naturally occurring lymphatic channels resemble miniature organ pipes, creating a beautiful resonance. That's why Italian spruce trees are felled during the waning moon, typically between October and November, when there's less sap within the trunk.
Indeed, the legendary violin luthier Stradivari and the Cremonese luthiers, whose instruments epitomize the pinnacle of musicality, utilize Italian spruce.
Legend has it that Stradivari himself wandered through the forests seeking the most suitable trees for crafting his violins: centuries-old spruces whose wood, owing to its exceptional capacity for “resonance”, provided the ideal raw material for his soundboards.

Dexibell's innovation with the VIVO H10 MG digital mini grand piano lies precisely in its use of an Italian Spruce soundboard sourced from Val di Fiemme, paired with a groundbreaking multi-amplification system
Paired with four strategically positioned speakers, this top-tier soundboard transmits the smoothest and most resonant vibrations toward the instrument's tail, replicating the acoustic piano experience.
The total amplification system of the VIVO H10 MG includes 15 custom-designed speakers and 4 amplifiers equipped with a sophisticated DSP system to control the projection of the precise frequencies for the most accurate simulation of an acoustic piano.
Front amplification system and speakers:
1 amplifier is dedicated to 6 Near Field Speakers optimizing sound presence and capturing all its details: hammers, resonances, etc.
1 amplifier is dedicated to 2 Bass Speakers for reproducing the lowest frequencies.
Rear amplification system and speakers:
1 amplifier is dedicated to 4 speakers mounted on the Italian spruce soundboard from Val di Fiemme region amplifying the sweetest and most persuasive tones.
1 amplifier is dedicated to 3 Speakers in Mid-Side configuration manipulating sound depth to create the sensation of playing a 9-foot concert grand piano.
The total power is 112 W max @ THD + N <0.1%.

Where the spruce soundboard is born, the heart of the new H10 MG

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