Dexibell has engineered an exclusive keyboard designed specifically to minimize the disparity between the behavior of a genuine acoustic piano keyboard and that of a digital instrument.

The innovative TP-400W keyboard embodies this outcome. Unlike typical plastic keys, it integrates a hybrid combination of synthetic Techno-Polymers and genuine wood, enhancing comfort and providing an aesthetic and tactile experience remarkably similar to the ebony and ivory keys of an acoustic piano.

The hybrid system guarantees long-term consistency and durability. In contrast to acoustic piano keys, which are prone to shape defects and warping caused by time, usage, temperature, and humidity changes, our hybrid keyboard maintains resilience and unwavering consistency.

The innovative keyboard TP-400W features a cutting-edge 3-contact system, ensuring precise dynamic readings and immediate responsiveness to repeated notes. The integrated key-scan technology detects 2048 dynamic values, which are then translated into 127 touch levels available for the player, ensuring nuanced and responsive playing experiences.
For optimal keyboard balance, crucial to meet the demands of the most demanding players, TP-400W employ a dynamics-adjustment system for each piano key, certified with a QR code ensuring individualized calibration.``
Dexibell’s TP-400W keyboard uniquely replicates the 'double escapement' feel, a feature typically exclusive to acoustic grand pianos (not upright pianos). In an acoustic instrument, the 'double escapement' system enables a performer to rapidly repeat a note by lightly pressing the key twice without the key hammer fully rising. This sensation mimics a slight resistance in the key, creating a tactile 'connection' felt at approximately 3/4 of the key stroke. It's notably perceptible when playing with 'pianissimo' dynamics.

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