Keyboardist, arranger, sound engineer

He has worked with Geoff Westley, Mango, Gatto Panceri, Michele Ascolese, Fio Zanotti, Arisa, Mario Lavezzi, Stef Burns
From 2006 to today he has worked at Mogol’s Cet as a teacher, musician, arranger and sound engineer.

I have believed very much in the “Vivo” project since its inception, and I immediately understood that Dexibell instruments have absolute construction and technological qualities. The S9 is an incredible instrument: the feeling under the fingers is crazy and its acoustic and electric pianos have a warmth and realism never found in other stage pianos. It also has a complete and convincing sound arsenal. An instrument that truly gives inspiration to the musician… Furthermore, the very powerful functions of masterkeyboard allow its integration with great ease in live contexts even with complex setups. Transportable, elegant, functional, the tool I’ve always dreamed of!