Helmut Zerlett plays VIVO S10L

Helmut Zerlett

6 May 2024

Helmut Zerlett has been considered one of the best-known, most highly regarded, and most versatile keyboardists, arrangers, and producers in the field of popular music in German-speaking countries for years.

Helmut is very critical and careful in this league when selecting his keyboard equipment for live performances (especially on television).

That’s why he decided to use, among other things, a VIVO S10L stage piano for his band’s live performance at the 60th Grimme Awards ceremony at the end of last April.

What Helmut particularly likes about the Dexibell sound generation are the outstanding emulations of acoustic and electromechanical pianos, as well as the organ sounds and the intuitive operation.

That’s why the VIVO S10L is becoming his indispensable stage piano

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